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Putting it all together

When we first run the experiment, you get a line of text printed outlining the condition, subject number and experiment version, along with the screen resolution.

That line of text is determined by get_subj_and_cond_number, which reads a text file containing three values: current condition, total number of conditions and subject number. In this example we only have 1 condition, and we are on the 5th subject. (Current condition = (subject # + 1)%total # of conditions).

The first screen you see is an instruction screen, created with self.show_instructions. self.show_instructions first calls show_centered_image to take the image 'maininstruction.jpg', place it on a white background and center it on the screen. Next, the instructions are drawn onto the screen using update_display, which blits the Surface created in show_centered_image to self.screen and then flips the display. Finally, get_response monitors keyboard input and waits for the letter 'n' to be pressed in order to move on.

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