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Video Tutorials

From 0 to 90 in 7 minutes

Materials: Ver 1.0 of pypsyexp including sample Experiment (ver 1.zip)

In this screencast tutorial, we show you how you can set up your own simple classification experiment using the py.psy.exp library. The template provided in ver 1.0 can be used over and over as needed. The finished product of this screen cast is included in the download (exp_full.py)

The Basics

Materials: Basic experiment folder. (ver 1.0.zip)

In this screencast tutorial, we show how the py.psy.exp library wraps pygame functions together. The .zip folder contains everything you need to get started, including images, text files, sounds and of course the py.psy.exp library itself. Please look over the contents before watching the screencast, as it will assume you have.

Working with text and sound

Materials: Updated exp.py file. (exp2.py)

This screencast is a continuation of The Basics. Please make sure you have all of the original files. The link above is only for the .py file that we will be using.
In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to create and position text within the screen. Additionally, we will show a simple demonstration of playing sound.

Gabor Patches

Materials: Modified exp.py. (exp3.py)

This quick screencast demonstrates how to create Gabor patches.

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