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py.psy.exp is a user-friendly library for developing psychology experiments using Python, Pygame and NumPy. While (currently) not as full featured as something like VisionEgg or the Psychophysics toolbox, we may be exactly what you are looking for if you need a simple way to design a higher-level cognition experiment.

What does "higher-level" mean? It means you need a way to design simple, but interactive experiments that involve presenting information on a computer screen (but don't need millisecond accuracy on display refreshes) and measuring a participant's responses and reaction time.

  • Do you need to play sounds, show pictures, measure mouse clicks and create buttons and simple animations?

  • How about counter-balance conditions across a set of computers automatically?

  • How about counter balance across multiple labs in different physical locations?

  • How does emailing yourself the data when your experiment completes sound?

  • ... or uploading to a remote ftp server of your choice?

  • How about if it was free, cross platform, could be installed on as many computers as you like, and didn't require USB keys to run?

  • ... and what if you were free to extend it anyway you wanted?


we (computation and cognition lab @ nyu)developed this for use in our lab, in our teaching, find it helpful, and thought it might be useful for others.

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